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I was originally referred to Gwinn & Opurea by a doctor that I’ve been seeing for many years. As my college years left me with lingering sports-induced neck and back ailments that continue today some 30 years later, I make matters worse with weekly air travel and my fitness routine. I have personally been getting therapeutic massage from around the globe for more than 20 years and have experienced almost every type of body therapy imaginable, from acupuncture to deep-tissue massage, reiki and shiatsu on down the line. What I can say is that I’ve never experienced anything like what Gwinn offers in terms of a healing massage. Without reserve, she is a true master, a skilled care-giver and teacher - a "muscle-whisperer” if you will - able to see with her hands, pinpointing sources of pain origination with laser-like accuracy, and able to work through a physical issue with breath and focus. My wife and friends all like to say “Gwinn will set your body free," but to truly know her you must experience her grace, a gift that is delivered through her healing hands.
Stefan D.
I learned about Opurea and Gwinn through the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants (ACPA). My job as an event photographer routinely requires that I work 14-16 hour days on my feet, multiple days in a row, carrying heavy gear the whole time. Needless to say, my body takes a beating. I’ve come to depend on Gwinn’s magic to get me squared away and whole again. It is so good, I travel 2 hours each way to seek the benefits, and as a former chiropractor, I know the benefits of good massage talent.
Debbie LeFever
Celebrity Photographer
"...unparalleled in therapeutic massage. They've undone years of bad habits and posture amplified by my scoliosis and helped me more than any physician or chiropractor with my lifelong condition. I cannot recommend Opurea enough."
Nikola Todorovic
Game Developer
"I was totally transformed. I've had a pesky hip issue for about 10 years, but after my 90 minute session I'm completely pain free! With Opurea's knowledge of anatomy and sports medicine, I'm completely pain free! There's a reason that elite groups like BulletProof trust Opurea!
Cooper Harris
Founder and CEO
If you’re not feeling quite like yourself, and/or need help with stressed muscles and pains… I’m going to personally promise that Gwinn will put you back together. She has a gift!
Jordan Cook
I've been to see Gwinn at Opurea many times over the past few years. A session with them gently sets me back into place again. I couldn't believe how much released in a very short time, my shoulders dropped back down to a normal place in just one session. I highly recommend that you go see Opurea!
Kris C.
Psychic, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer
"I was persuaded to try massage as a supplement to training in my preparation for 29 days of trekking in the Himalayas. Improvements to my speed, weight carrying threshold, as well as reduce my recovery time after grueling 12 hour hikes with 40lbs packs. Opurea changed my life and helped me reach all of my athletic goals. THANK YOU! "
Daniel Gopen
Product, Program, and Project Management
"I organize an invitation-only event for founders and senior level tech executives across North America. When planning my LA event, someone referred me to Opurea, and the knowledge of Opurea's therapists is so extensive! One of our guests suffered with chronic leg pain but after 15-minutes with an Opurea therapist, they explained to her that she was working on the wrong area of her body to alleviate the injury. Talk about an incredible experience! Will 100% use again for our event in LA next year."
Rebekah Keida
Marketing Advisor at Compass

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