About Us

Our unique vision: redefining wellness for busy professionals.

Our Story

Opurea was founded with the goal to revolutionize the massage industry, changing the way wellness is taught, bought, and sold. The Opurea™ team provides professional and rewarding corporate on-site, event,  and in-home massage experiences. Our certified therapists are hand-picked by accredited instructors in the industry. We specialize in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Point Work, Restorative, and Advanced Integrative Massage.

About Our Founder

Gwinn Ioka, CEO

Gwinn has a deep understanding on the significance of efficiency. Her long working history in the entertainment industry in production, to supporting celebrities, and C-level executives, gives her the understanding, and values to run an organization, that is time conscious, friendly, and has effortless billing.

​A member of the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants since 1996, her reputation as a trustworthy, sincere, hardworking, and dependable individual has been the basis of Gwinn’s reputation. Her staff of equally quality individuals was hand picked for their ability to embrace the spirit of accountability and confidentiality.

​Years ago Gwinn learned Anma Shiatsu from Grand Master Doann Kenako over 30 years ago. Recently returned to her massage therapy roots blending Western and Eastern modalities.

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From massage therapy and yoga to wellness programs and preventive care regimens, Opurea can help you and your organization achieve your wellness goals.